"Enjoy pb azeltine middle grade mystery and paranormal books.  Follow Jesse and friends in the small town of mason find clues and solve crimes. Or go on a magical ride with David Finkleman as he goes undercover for the FBI, solving paranormal cases that are out of this world, while going to high school!


PB Azeltine middle grade mystery and paranormal books are listed on this web site.  Look around!  You will find some of the best children's books around.  We have a lot of free information and fun things to do related to both series.  If you like the boxcar children books, then you might like the Jesse Skylock Holmes Mysteries.  The first book, The Headless Oxman, is full of hidden clues, dead body, long kept town secrets, and hidden treasure.  Our characters are fun to get to know and read about.  And then there is the David Finkleman Paranormal Series.  David is a wizard and recruited into the FBI's undercover program for strange cases, those ones he couldn't talk about even if he wasn't in the FBI and undercover! David's adventures will keep you guessing as to who the real villain is, and WHAT the villain is!  We hope these popular children's books become a part of your library soon. 

Hi! I'm ME Drewry. I co-write the David Finkleman series and the Study Guides for the Jesse Skylock Holmes Series.

ME Drewry is a teacher, certified in K-6 General Ed, and K-12 Special Ed.  She specializes in reading.

Hello! I'm PB Azeltine. I write young adult fantasy, middle grade mysteries, children's picture books, and romance.

PB's path to becoming a writer started as a small child sitting in class daydreaming story ideas. 

PB Azeltine